Launching Australia's First Ever Mega Event-Wagga Wagga 2010

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.
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Re: i'm in.

Post by rhinogeo » 27 November 08 7:30 pm

rodney.hebels wrote:haven't even had my first cache yet, but hopefully by then i'll be ready to go.

:shock: You're in Wagga :!:

Don't you just trip over caches in the street :?: :P

Stop posting and get out and find some :wink:

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950 or more random things achieved
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Post by Rigger64 » 27 November 08 8:20 pm

Don't know what happning then but will try to make there

Regards: Rigger64

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Riverina Geocaching
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Post by Riverina Geocaching » 28 November 08 10:32 pm

<br>MEGA UPDATE :<br><br>

After only 3 weeks we now have OVER 100 TEAMS who have given their commitment with lots more still not sure. <br><br>

It also takes the tally to 250 people attending - just 1/2 of the required number & still there are lots of Aussie cachers not aware of this event.<br><br>

Please keep spreading the word at the upcoming Xmas events and ask your fellow cachers to log their interest on here or the GC forum so we can track to the growing numbers and lodge our request for Mega Event status.<br><br>


350 ? I am the lizard queen
350 ? I am the lizard queen
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Post by Frippy » 29 November 08 8:56 pm

I will be there, 2 adults.
The second half doesn't know she is coming yet..
I'm sure I will be able to get some more attendees.
Sounds Good.

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Post by nyssa83 » 02 December 08 9:17 am

Count me in too! Just myslef at this stage but will try and encourage some Canberra friends to join me :-)

Will most likely camp there

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Post by Fuddley » 03 December 08 6:51 am

We will be there, haven't told work yet but they will understand :? We will be 2 adults and 2 kids Camping, have started buying in car entertainment devices to keep the kids happy on the trip down already.

Cheers Fuddley

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Post by Dicksontwo » 03 December 08 1:36 pm

We are definitely planning to attend - 1 team/2 adults. We hope to be in the caravan hauled lovingly by the 1998 LandCruiser (don't they just go on for ever!) - Beauty and the Beast TB2AKGC. The 'van can be self sufficient if power and/or water is not available, just hope it's not cold! We had the privilege of attending the UK First Mega Event earlier this year, so greatly looking forward to making it a double. You blokes deserve loads of credit for getting this off the ground.

Sol de Lune
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Post by Sol de Lune » 09 December 08 9:06 am

At this early stage I can't think of any reason why I/we can't be there. It's not far from Canberra. 2 x Adults with separate caching ID's.

Camping on site would be the go for us. Should be a great weekend.

Looking forward to all the info as it comes out. Well done so far......

Cheers, :D :D

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4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
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Post by traineediplomat » 09 December 08 9:54 am

3A at this stage with traineediplomat dragging aboreham and bundyb down there.... (barring acts of your deity, Large Hadron Collider issues and general unpleasantness)

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Post by Thomo » 14 December 08 8:33 am

D and J from D J GeoDog Rascal will be attending the weekend.

tom lambert
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Post by tom lambert » 14 December 08 1:57 pm

we are organizing it, hopefully i get get my parents (peek-a-boo bear) to take me. 2 adults 1 teenager and my parents mascot peek-a-boo bear.

Thanks guys for organizing the first australian mega event. :D :o :idea: :P
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Post by Nilbog_Aus » 14 December 08 6:39 pm

Mr & Mrs Nilbog_Aus will be there.

Although I confess we are much more likely to find a motel rather than camp. :oops:

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3500 or more caches found
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Post by winterdragon » 16 December 08 11:37 pm

I definitely intend to be there. 1 adult, staying at the camp site. Lets hope we get the numbers for a mega event :)

It's all in how you get there....
It's all in how you get there....
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Post by swampgecko » 17 December 08 9:49 am

Sorry but no, this event conflicts with another event I have been attending on a now regular basis over the Easter Weekend. I shall hopefully be enjoying the delights of Victoria's High Country(Tolmie, I hope) and all it has to offer in regards to 4wd'ing.

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Post by madmyers » 19 December 08 10:26 pm

The MadOnes will be there 2 adults 2 geokids - though one will be 15 by then so does that maybe make that one an adult??? Ummm normally would camp but perhaps a motel would make it all that much easier. Looking forward to it.

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