Launching Australia's First Ever Mega Event-Wagga Wagga 2010

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the farmers 5
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Launching Australia's First Ever Mega Event-Wagga Wagga 2010

Post by the farmers 5 » 06 November 08 7:45 pm

Welcome to the launch of "Oz Mega Wagga Wagga",the first ever Geocaching Mega Event in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. The exciting 4 day event will be held From Good Friday 2nd April 2010 till Monday 5th April. The location will be at Wagga Wagga, in the Riverina, in southern Central, NSW.Extra camping days before and after the event will be available within Wagga Caravan Parks and motels..The reserve will open from 9 am Good Friday till 2 pm Easter Monday.Registration is $30 per Geocaching Team or $40 late entry fee after January.Camping fees will be $5 per person for tent / caravan / campervan style with under 5 year olds free.
Bunk beds are $20 per night per person with a minimum 3 night stay for Easter. :D :D :D

Wagga Wagga:
Wagga Wagga is the largest inland city in NSW with a population of around 70,000. There are around 150 caches located within an 18 km radius. The city is very close to the geographical centre between Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and is nestled on the banks of the magnificent Murrumbidgee River. Wagga Wagga is a dynamic and cosmopolitan regional city with thriving businesses, and boasts fantastic sports and arts communities. The city offers a temperate climate, is rich in cultural heritage and has a wealth of fantastic attractions making it an ideal destination for visitors all year round. It is the gateway to many attractions within the Riverina.

The Venue:
The location is at "Camp Kurrajong within the Kurrajong Reserve" on the Oura Road, 4 km's outside Wagga Wagga,about 9 km from the main street.. The 15 acres of natural bush reserve is owned by the Scout Association," Riverina Division". Included in the amenities are two large halls, 2 toilet blocks, 2 shower blocks, permanent skip bins and 12 wheelie bins, multiple bar-b-q facilities, and a 81 person bunk accommodation facility, which includes bedrooms with your choice of either 4 beds or 8 beds in them .The reserve also has 11 scattered town water taps on concrete slabs spread out every 40 m throughout for campers use. But the highlight is a picturesque facility that can stage up to 1700 campers with privacy all around, and is the ideal location for geocachers,as it is very flat. A nominal fee per night for campers will apply.. A small event was held at this site Easter 2007.
Image Image Image

AWARDS:As seen in the pictures above,a permanent full granite plaque monument was awarded to the Camp Kurrajong for successfully staging the 1995 Scout Jamboree ,which saw 1700 scouts attend a grand event.

The scouting association's
1/ "Kurrajong Reserve" has full liability insurance .
2/ Whilst out Geocaching around the region"" has a "disclaimer" when you join, that all cache seekers assume all risks involved in seeking a cache.
3/ The Event will have its own "Public Liability" insurance for all participants,only for the 4 days whilst within the grounds.

Mega Event Code of Conduct:The Mega event will have a enforceable "Code of Conduct" ,that will list all the rules within the complex for the benefit of all.This will highlight topics such as 1/cars 2/ dogs 3/ noise curfews 4/ generators 5/ fires 6/ hygiene 7/ Geocaching and general camping rules.

Mega Event Committee:
A group of local cachers have formed Riverina Geocaching and will be hosts of the event. Your "Mega Event Local Committee" currently consists of 14 and is keen and fully ready to host and display the great community spirit that Wagga is famous for. The group will be growing and evolving as time progresses, and starts with -
1. The Farmers 5 - 2 adults .
2. Roostaman - 2 adults
3. The Lucas's - 2 adults
4. Fred 6603 - 2 adults
5. baby and Mrs gopher - 2 adults
6. Boyracer -2 adults.,
7. Hinklenator-1 Adult.
8. Murf-1 Adult.
Plus extra workers and volunteers on the weekend will include - Mr. Coffee and the coffee clan -2 adults and 2 kids, and Marcus Vitruvius - 2 adults ,Rescue210 and LGoody.Thus ,the onsite workforce will start with 30 plus some other locals and volunteers.

The local committee has 150 hides between them and 4,800 cache finds altogether and have a wealth of experience in staging events of all types. The host group will conduct and be on hand for the 4 days with enthusiasm that will be unrivaled,together that traditional country hospitality that Wagga Wagga is famous for.
The Exciting 4 Days:
We anticipate that the Thursday 1 st April and Easter Friday 2 nd April will be a big travelling day from all destinations. The Campsite on Easter Friday will open at 9.00A.M. and both Friday and Saturday will see the
host committee hold the registrations of all Geocacher teams. Each team will be presented with a free gift pack from the Wagga Wagga Tourist Information Centre. The event will be listed on the Wagga Tourism website and featured in Canberra and Albury newspapers. Your free team gift of a logo'd carry bag will consist of a Wagga Map, Riverina Map, Wiradjuri Walking Track Map, a large 56 page visitors guide, 12 other special brochures, stickers and a logo'd pen,plus many other goodies. The Mayor of Wagga will give a welcoming speech at night to all geocachers on behalf of the "City of Wagga Wagga". A special one off " Oz Mega Wagga Wagga" Geocoin" will be available at the event. Some exciting things are planned including 9 individual" Puzzle Caches" that commences in each
capital city prior to the event and finishes at the one spot in Wagga for big prizes. Melbourne will be organised by Mr Coffee and the coffee clan, :D . Sydney will be conducted by Richary. :lol: Brisbane will be organised by Green Gecko. :D Adelaide is handled by Cached. :lol: Canberra will be co-ordinated by mtbikeroz. :D Hobart's link and puzzle cache will be organized by Redtag. :lol: The keen Perth
contingent will be conducted by Two +Four :D .Darwin will be arranged by Gibbo003. :lol: New Zealand will have a puzzle link as well. :D Multiple Event caches will be happening for terrific prizes on Easter Saturday and Sunday.. There will be many event caches,puzzle competitions, guessing events, lots of geokids competitions and fun games and entertainment .Many other ideas will be kept a secret until the events starts:The whole event will be filmed by a NZ team.
1/ A large Geocoin and TB table with each state a seperate section, with all info on TB ,s travel intent.,which will be supervised at all times.
2/ Many novelty competitions,some revealed at Registration release and others revealed on the event weekend.
3/ Mystery events for the kids
4/ Giant campfire Sat and Sun night.
5/ Local wine prizes from nearby wineries close to the camp and much more confirmed later.Hamper prizes donated by Wagga Tourism.

Team Crackers and his caching families have very kindly donated a spectacular "Fireworks Show" at the camp for the Saturday night and will be a finale to thrill the crowds in a night-time extravaganza.The professional pirotechnicians known as Southerncross International include 3 Melbourne caching teams in Team Crackers,Fullonphil and Vombatus who are all related, and have donated the full show .,backed by music.
Image Image Image

This much anticipated event has a major sponsor which is Riverina "Camping World". Many other exciting sponsors will feature with some great involvement as well. What we need to do After consultation with "The Ump" is to progress through 3 stages to produce Australia's first ever exciting Mega Event. , Stage one: Finding a large suitable committee that is committed and keen. Finding a rare large location to host the event. Give 12 months minimum notice on a date that will suit most. This stage is complete. Stage two: Placing it on the forum, as a good response from there is indicative. ????? Responses so far have been overwhelming.with around 700 people nominated. Stage three: Once the "The Ump" is satisfied with the response, it will be listed firstly as an event and then upgraded to a Mega once we get 500 " will attend " posts.Then it will be officially Australia's first ever "Oz Mega Wagga Wagga" Mega Event." This should be ready to be listed in early October.What we would like each team to please do here ,on the forum. :D :D :D

1/ List your Geocaching team name and how many people would be attending, even if it's a "maybe at this stage",even though we have passed 700.
2/ State your intention to stay at the camp or elsewhere.Campervan or tent.
3/ Suggest any ideas for the event. We will look at them all.
4/ Pass on the message to other Geocachers, some are not on the forums and some not signed up to "Geocaching Australia". Riverina Geocaching realise you will have plenty of questions. We have many more exciting parts to reveal too, but can't do
confirmations until the event is listed. The full details of the 4 day weekend will be released in early October 2009. The event will be very exciting with fun times for all and the chance to meet all those great geocaching teams from around Australia and globally.,where many lifetime friendships will be made. Riverina Geocaching is looking forward to your positive responses and to personally meeting all teams. :D :D :D
All bookings for accomodation outside the "camp" and tourism information around Wagga Wagga can best be found at this following well informed site.....
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Post by Richary » 06 November 08 8:11 pm

I will claim first reply it appears! Does that mean I get to claim FTF? :D

Richary will be there, currently solo (though who knows what the future holds) and would be camping in either the swag or tent depending on the weather.

Congratulations on getting this organised.

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Post by 2dudez » 06 November 08 9:11 pm

Should be loads of fun.
Count me in. I'll talk to the other Dudez to see if they are interested, but at least one of us will be there.
Will stay at the camp-site (although I do have "fond" memories of where we stayed last time in Wagga)

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Post by GhostGums » 06 November 08 9:18 pm

Strewth, you guys have given this some thought! 8)

We are keen to attend. It will be 2 adults and 2 kids (who will be 8 and 6).

We will bring the camper trailer, pretty self sufficient, so just need a grassy spot.

Anyhow well done guys for making the move and getting something going.

I claim STF! :)

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Post by cdmark » 06 November 08 10:28 pm

Sounds great guys. You sure have got the planning underway. At present I reckon:<p>

cdmark (2 adults)<p>
GeoJnr (1 kid)<p>
GeoTilly (1 kid)<p>

Not sure if we will have made another cacher by then! :wink:

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Post by thewhitedoggang » 06 November 08 10:41 pm

I'll claim the FTR (first to register) :mrgreen: for SA cachers.
Good on you guys for getting this up, happy to push/assist from this end also.
2A & at least 2C for us, not sure about the then nearly 16y old.
Thanks again

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Post by OMY130 » 06 November 08 10:46 pm

Being the happy tourers that we are, it would be great to be part of this Mega Event. 2A & 2 kids. Camping.

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Post by Bundyrumandcoke » 06 November 08 11:00 pm

Yep, I reckon a visit to mexico for an event like this will be well worth it. Count 2 in, Mrs Bundy (although she doesnt know it yet) will love to see another scouting campsite.

We will camp for the weekend.


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Post by S2333 » 06 November 08 11:34 pm

I will see....
I will be out of school then but I might be at Uni.
It is such a long way away for us Perthians.

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Post by psychokat » 06 November 08 11:35 pm

I'll be there with slowdad but I'm not sure if we'll camp or stay at a friends place.

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Post by ian-and-penny » 07 November 08 6:46 am

Sure hope we can make it.

2 Adults

Caravan (at the venue we hope)

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Post by mtrax » 07 November 08 7:01 am

I'm guessing a bus-load from Canberra but for now I count me .

I would suspect about 12-20 from Canberra (maybe and likely to be more)

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Post by Jardry » 07 November 08 7:09 am

Will put in our leave applications now.

2 Adults

Caravan (at the venue we hope)

No doubt some attendees will like to come early or go home late. Can the organisers clarify whether attendees can use the facilities say from the Monday prior or the Friday after the Easter Long Weekend?

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Post by Udderchaos » 07 November 08 7:10 am

we are making plans to come, wont be able to confirm until jan 2010, but 2 adults, 2 kids and a camper trailer at the venue hopefully.

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Post by Skippy » 07 November 08 7:55 am

Put down 1A for me at his stage

I might bring a car load from Adelaide if Lambchops doesn't come

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