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Any TBs heading for England or North America?

Posted: 17 April 07 6:51 pm
by Bewilderbeest

I'm travelling to the USA, Canada and England around late May/early June on business. Obviously, I'm hoping to pick up a couple of caches while I'm away.

If anyone has any TBs of GCs they are keen to move, please let me know or send them my way. I'm already keeping an eye out in my area!

I'll be leaving from Canberra probably in the last week of May.

I'll only be in each place fairly briefly, but I can at least get things to the right continent!


Posted: 18 May 07 10:04 am
by mtrax
only just spotted your thread, I'll PM you to see if its not too late.. perhaps a not in the ACT forum might get some more takers thanks

Posted: 18 May 07 4:00 pm
by Bronze
I just released a coin that is on it's way back to The US of A.

I'll email it's new owner and see if they are interested in contacting you.

Posted: 19 May 07 9:36 am
by Bewilderbeest
Thanks very much. I'm leaving at the end of next week. I now have 4 or 5 trackables to take. I'm a bit conscious that I'm unlikely to gather as many to bring home, so don't want to overdo it.