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Posted: 10 February 07 2:05 pm
by helicraz
haha.. but still... I think it is a photo taken from Malaysia... the interior of the house (wooden structure) in the photo may be a little hard to find too in Singapore....

Posted: 10 February 07 3:50 pm
by Grank
helicraz wrote:"Nations" is a lady. I think you contacted her husband "Pathseeker"?
asssumptions made when chatting by email :lol: definitely was nations, but we only PMed about caching and travel :P

Posted: 04 November 08 11:00 am
by Ghost Who Walks
I'm going to Singapore on the 12th November for a week,
And whilst there, will be hunting down a few caches also. It should be a lot of fun.
Might even attempt to place one

Posted: 06 November 08 8:24 pm
by Richary
If placing remember it won't be approved without a local maintainer (unless talking GCA). Have fun, my one day there only allowed for a few attempts around the city area and I had a lot of DNFs due to muggling. If you have time to get away from the middle you will probably have more success.