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Paris, France

Posted: 19 April 06 6:20 pm
by Richary
Looks like work has me over there for a week or so in late May/early June. With hopefully a weekend thrown in.

Now apart from the cache event there the weekend before :D if the timing is right, does anyone know where I can get an Ozi compatible map of Paris to print out the caches on before I head over there?

Posted: 20 April 06 8:05 am
by Pesky!
have you thought of a scanner,and an Atlas. calibrate it yourself.

Posted: 20 April 06 11:06 am
by Richary
That's the tedious way but feasible - especially if someone already has it. Option 2 is a printout from google earth :)

Posted: 21 April 06 10:05 am
by Pesky!
>> very bad french accent on <<
listen very closely i will say dis only once...
I ave postesd 3 images ( large) of Paree, but i ave not time to calibrate zhem, zhey may be useful anyway.
>> accet off<<

they are in an album on the gallery called Map of paris.

Posted: 21 April 06 11:47 am
by Snuva
Maybe have a play at Geocaching en France? email one of the local cachers?

Posted: 21 April 06 11:54 am
by Snuva
I probably have some extremely detailed maps - paper - if you'd like to calibrate them? I used to live there so still have my Plan de Paris par Arrondissement, which is a book but if memory serves correctly there may be a big fold-out in the back?

Posted: 21 April 06 2:09 pm
by Richary
Snuva wrote:Maybe have a play at Geocaching en France? email one of the local cachers?
I was going to post the question there as well, just need to apologise for any mess babelfish or whatever makes of the translation. My school French is 25 years out of date :oops: <p>I do have an Atlas I can probably scan and reference (will check it over the weekend)

Posted: 28 April 06 3:24 pm
by Mind Socket
IF you can't get good maps, just use the google earth network link to familiarise yourself in advance, and then just wing it when you get there. Worked for me. :)

- R


Posted: 29 April 06 1:38 pm
by Pesky!
i have found a 1:1M road map of france in PNG format that is callibrated
for ozi, not sure how much it will help . It is 14 MB too so not sure how i can get it to you other than maybe in parts via a zip file.
PM me if you want me to send it .

Posted: 01 May 06 2:19 pm
by Richary
Thanks for the suggestions. I don't think I need the road map as I won't really be getting out of town and won't have a car. Public transport caching will be the way to go :)

Posted: 01 May 06 4:00 pm
by Cached
maybe you can find a public transport map online and calibrate that?

Posted: 01 May 06 4:14 pm
by Snuva
Just be careful when doing that; most of the public transport maps are 'stylised' so they are easier to read - but don't actually match up with reality all that well.

Re: Paris, France

Posted: 10 June 13 10:13 pm
by VikingOlly
We just returned from Paris today, having found 29 caches in Paris and Burgundy. Most in Paris are quite difficult to find with the buildings making the gpsr readings all over the place. Its very necessary to understand the hints in many cases, so do the translation on Google before you go looking or look up the Spoilers. Many are off by about 9m, but the GZ wanders widely from one side of the street to the other. There are some great ones in gardens such as around the Louvre which are easier to find due to the lack of buildings immediately beside them. Most are in small containers such as film canisters.

Re: Paris, France

Posted: 11 June 13 9:18 am
by mtrax
why are you wanting a paper map for? can't you load Paris OSM on your GPS?
or if you have a android/smart phone you can cache maps offline and use Locus or one of the other apps to cache with.

but if you want paper try using the GSAK macro to export google map and then print that out.

Re: Paris, France

Posted: 29 June 13 12:23 am
by tronador
OSM work beautifully overseas. Have used them many times.