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Anyone attending the OTM '05 Conference in Cyprus?

Posted: 16 October 05 6:54 pm
by Micky en Ricky
<br> <br>
I'm the happy holder of the TB Russian Time, which seeks its way back to Australia. <br><br>

End of October / beginning of November I will attend thisconference in Cyprus. I know Australian folks will be there too (for instance from the University of Queensland), but I don't know them personally. Neither do I know whether they are geocachers.
Unfortunately, the conference hasn't a forum to make contacts, neither did it publish attendee lists. <br><br>

Is anyone of you Australian geocachers coming to the conference? (small chance, I know.) Perhaps any family/friends/colleagues, who do not share our lovely hobby, but to whom I could hand over the TB? <br><br>

Kind regards,<br><br>

Micky from the Team Micky and Ricky<br>
The Netherlands