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Caching in India

Posted: 07 September 13 11:00 am
by greynomads
We are off to India in a few weeks and wondering if any others have any experience caching in Northern parts of this country. We are on a guided tour so it might be a bit limiting in what we can do. My first look on shows very few caches.

I am tending to think that our best option might be to do an Earth cache or two. I would image that conventional caches tend to get accidentally found - with 1.5 billion people, they are everywhere.

Our plan is to try and find caches within walking distance of hotels we are staying at. Part of the plan is to buy a local sim card with a data component. My Garmin-Asus A10 Nuviphone using c:geo and selecting 'caches nearby'. Plan 2 is to download to my Garmin Colarado PQ's of local caches prior to leaving Oz.

This was our plan when we cached in Canada and Alaska. The same was done in Europe visiting the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland etc.

Bill - Greynomads

Re: Caching in India

Posted: 07 September 13 6:49 pm
by Richary
SA_Parrothead was over there recently and found a few. You could drop him a line via the GC site as I don't think he frequents here.

Re: Caching in India

Posted: 14 September 13 8:08 pm
by roundcircle
I'm writing this post whilst sitting looking at the fort in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. I was hoping to pick up a few caches while I was over here, but they are pretty thin on the ground. And there's not much opportunity to hunt for something like a cache discreetly. Probably depends where you go and how your traveling. I guess if you had a private driver and explained what the goal is I'd expect they'd help you get to the site.

Earth caches are a good idea. I think I got all the details for one in Jodpur but plan to log it when I get home.

Hope you have a great trip!

Re: Caching in India

Posted: 14 September 13 9:39 pm
by Dik:
I found GCKP3J in Asam, a ftf after 3.5 years, and what was then the only cache in Bhutan GCGBZT. Both have since been archived although the one in India is probably still there.
I recorded my journey by finding GCA locationless caches. There are some good ones to find such as Toppers Club (mountain peaks) Decorations on a Truck ( believe me there are some good ones) and, for me, geocaching by motorcycle.

Re: Caching in India

Posted: 15 July 17 3:10 pm
by wing6rider
I know this is an old thread but I thought it might be useful to note that we used Garmin City Navigator maps in the GPS and they worked really well. Also they were routable as well for finding POIs. YMMV