Canada. Land of the powertrail?

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1000 or more caches found
1000 or more caches found
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Canada. Land of the powertrail?

Post by Bronnie_1990 » 10 March 13 11:23 am

Ok, so i'm heading to Canada in August, with scouts.
So i thought i'd have a look around where i'm staying etc on GC, (doesnt everyone else do that when planning a holiday?) and well, as this picture shows (i've added lines where i could find a powertrail. I'm positively sure there's a couple hiding in the big blob!)

I know North America seem to take powertrails seriously, but...whaaaaaaaaat.

That being said. Any recommendations for the Ottawa region? (that's preferably not a lightpost powertrail?)

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Re: Canada. Land of the powertrail?

Post by VikingOlly » 10 June 13 10:15 pm

so tell us all about it when you return! How many caches does it take to make a PT in Canada?

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