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8000 or more caches found
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Re: Vietnam/Cambodia

Post by Richary » 07 January 10 10:50 pm

elysium_au wrote:If you havent been there since 1992 Im sure you would be shocked to see the development in Siem Reap...its full of huge tourist hotels, bars, eaterys and bright lights.

...but when you get out of town out near the temples the poverty of the country people is a real eye opener.
Yes I was earning more per day in 92 than most of the locals would have earned in a year. But I found the locals really friendly. They wanted me to read the once a week Englinsh paper to them so they could learn the language.

The factions were still shooting each other at the time but I never felt in any danger, though some funny stories from that time.

As for the poverty, I guess it's the way it goes. Tourist attractions like Angkor Wat will bring development and money while the rest of the country relies on subsintence farming.

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1550 or more caches found
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Re: Vietnam/Cambodia

Post by homedg » 08 January 10 12:01 am

Ahhh, HCMC.
Pre my caching days, but what a great place with such great people.
My room rate at the Park Royal was more than we paid our senior accountant monthly :shock:
I never disclosed that, but felt embarrassed every day. :oops:
Can't wait to get back there.............

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Re: Vietnam/Cambodia

Post by VikingOlly » 08 April 13 2:09 pm

We have just returned from a weeks motorcycle tour of Cambodia, which was truely awesome if a little hot. We found three caches in and around Angkor Wat easily and each was special in its own way. The containers were generally very small (with one exception at Ta Nei, the Temple of Butterflies, in a particularly good hide) yet each could have been a small or regular to hold TBs. We also found the two in the centre of Phnom Pehn, one a micro and one larger, again being two small containers in an ideal tree, where one larger one would have been fantastic. I was amazed there were none in some of the more regional towns and around temples, such as at Preah Khan.
elysium_au wrote:Just returned from 2 weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia. We managed to knock over 4 geocaches in Vietnam. While visiting the temples at Angkor in Cambodia we were looking for a cache in the temple that the movie Tomb Raider was filmed in. Our tour guide was interested in what we were up to and after explaining what geocaching is all about he was hooked. Unfortunately the satellite signal was not good due to all the structure and trees but even though we didn't find the cache it was great to convert a local to our wonderful pursuit!!

Mark and Jenny kate

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