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Open Source Maps for the UK?

Posted: 22 April 09 2:49 pm
by SamCarter
Does anyone know of a good set of open source maps for the UK, suitable for a Garmin GPSr?

(Thanks to the forum I have the NZ ones, now at this link )

Posted: 22 April 09 9:31 pm
by Dooghan
I would try OSM maps. It looks like the coverage in the UK is pretty good. Just do a Google search and you will find free maps ready to go on your Garmin. Here is one for you


Posted: 15 June 09 11:55 pm
by The Hornet
This threadin the GC forum for the UK describes what you're after I think. The direct link to the maps is

The local UK forum at is also a good place to try.