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Business travel in Melbourne from Canada

Posted: 24 November 06 12:36 pm
by GardenBeer
I need support by a local geocacher, because I'll have 2 days free to visit and geocach, if possible, I want to visit quickly desert, is it possible? and can you refer me a cache name?


Posted: 24 November 06 1:00 pm
by ian-and-penny
Which Desert? What are you expecting to see or find there?

You could try these caches located in Victoria's Little Desert

GCYBR9 - Possum Eucalyptus
GCD9B - Little Desert.

Posted: 24 November 06 7:59 pm
by Bundyrumandcoke
GardenBeer, Australia is not a small country, area wise. It is roughly the size of the United States. In the same way it would take a few days to drive across the States, it is the same for Oz. The 'Outback" doesnt really start for 1000km from Melbourne, at the very least. There are heaps of caches in Melbourne, and in Victoria. You could try contacting someone in the Victoria section of this forum.

Posted: 24 November 06 8:12 pm
by embi
When are you here?

Business travel in Melbourne from Canada

Posted: 25 November 06 3:47 am
by GardenBeer
It's OK about desert, as I understand it's too far from Melbourne. I know that you have a big country. We'll be there by week of December 10th, so is somebody can suggest to us beautiful place or trail to visit with caches around that will give us beautiful souvenir in mind from our short visit in Australia.

Posted: 26 November 06 5:22 pm
by Geof
What part of Melbourne are you staying in?
Melbourne is realy the town in the middle but when people say Melbourne they often mean Melbourne suberbs which are one of the most wide spread set of suberbs in the world.

If you want to see Kangaroos in the bush (forest / woods) go to caches in this big park with free entry. Take your camera for pictures but do not try and approach kangaroos or pat them. There are many walking tracks. ... ?wp=GC6154
Or if you want to see lots of Australian animals in a Zoo type place visit Healsvile sanctury but take $$ as it's costs. There is a cache with a nice walk not far away that has free access. ... ?wp=GCPB8Y

Business travel in Melbourne from Canada

Posted: 28 November 06 3:06 am
by GardenBeer
Thank you for the info that you gave me, we'll stay in Novotel StKilda in Melbourne, so if you have some other place, trail or ???, to propose to us for our 2 days visit, feel free.

Thanks in advance