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Australian cacher sought who likes setting up puzzle caches

Posted: 04 January 06 12:32 am
by Pieman
I am a UK cacher who needs an Australian cacher to help in setting up a two cache puzzle. The puzzle will be able to be solved and logged in both Australia and the UK. If you are interested, let me know your profile name and I will explain the puzzle in more detail. You can check out my profile there to see the varied sort of puzzles I like setting.


Posted: 04 January 06 12:36 am
by embi
i'd be interested....

Posted: 04 January 06 1:34 am
by Pieman
Thanks, embi. Email sent.

Posted: 04 January 06 5:05 am
by fugawe
The Fugawe would be interested but unfortunately, we believe the lynch mob will arrive sometime this week.

Fugawe Game Control

Posted: 04 January 06 9:17 am
by Suitman
I'd also be interested ...

Posted: 04 January 06 7:44 pm
by Pieman
Thanks for the further replies. I have sent details to embi and if he doesn't want to proceed I'll be in contact. Either way I'll post here to let you know.

Posted: 04 January 06 7:52 pm
by Bronze
:D Me three! :D

now to eliminate the competition :twisted:

The Bronze.

Posted: 04 January 06 8:44 pm
by caughtatwork
Nooooooooooooooo! Not embi. He's too close to me to make another devious, evil, bastard puzzle cache.
Pick someone in a different state :D

(Just joking).

Posted: 04 January 06 10:49 pm
by embi
hahaha I will have to do it now

Posted: 05 January 06 4:17 am
by Pieman
I am glad that embi has such an appropriate reputation :twisted: Looks like we have agreed the basics and Australia can now hold its breath waiting for a couple of new caches...

Posted: 05 January 06 1:15 pm
by Rabbitto
Just as well Embi put his hand up first :twisted:

Posted: 05 January 06 1:36 pm
by swampgecko
If it means that the elected geocacher has to leave the country to compile it, I think The Fugawe had better pack their bags now and board the first jet plane to anywhere out of Australia... I can hear the lynch mob forming now....

Posted: 05 January 06 1:43 pm
by Geof
Rabbitto wrote:Just as well Embi put his hand up first :twisted:
Thats what I was thinking. :twisted:

[Image ... 736e17331a

Posted: 05 January 06 3:50 pm
by embi think thats a hard one...wait till..... :twisted:

Posted: 24 January 06 7:37 am
by Guest
Pieman. It's no use hiding in Australia. We will track you down eventually. :D :D :D :D