Deadly Creatures

Coming To Australia??? Tell us your plans, ask us questions, You're bound to find an answer here.
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Post by caughtatwork » 04 February 05 6:11 pm

Lt. Sniper wrote:Where are you visiting from??
Javamama's profile suggests Singapore.
She was in Melbourne a while ago and caught one of my caches on the stopover to NZ (I think).
Came all the way into Melbourne from the Airport to do some caching.
Now that's serious.

xf king
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Post by xf king » 15 February 05 6:50 pm

Sometimes while I'm out caching I carry a walking stick. Not to help me walk, but to poke into holes, lift logs and pieces of wood.

Anywhere you visit in australia be sure to bring the aeroguard. The flys down here as small and big, and love to sit on your face. A hat is a great idea too.

When out caching look for geocacher paths. And try and keep to them, as the gass around would be pushed down and it is easier to see anything in the road. Poke a stick in the log before your hand. The walking stick will also be good as a spider web breaker. And if you got a good aim, a snake killer. Some of the mozzies here are also large and thirsty.

Crocs should be not too much of a worry unless your near a swamp or river. They wont be sitting around in the middle of 70km of land.

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Post by Damo. » 04 March 06 2:57 pm

xf king wrote: Crocs should be not too much of a worry unless your near a swamp or river. They wont be sitting around in the middle of 70km of land.
And you will only find them in the Northern part of Australia.
I don't think anyone has mentioned the Box Jellyfish! Also only in the far north it's a very toxic Jellyfish. I don't think people go to the beach much in Darwin!

Biggles Bear
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Post by Biggles Bear » 04 March 06 6:41 pm

You need to be careful of Drop Bears too<P>

Check this link for more information

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Post by Nosugrefs » 05 March 06 10:24 am

I and my children pick them up all the time... they're cute little critters, just a shame they're such a menace.[/quote]

We have to do the same to rid ourselves of them around mutliple ponds we have - But 'cute'? Hmmm, everyone to their own I suppose.

Seriously though Javamama, all the advise given is sound, just watch the long grass and rock/timber piles, make some noise and use a stick to poke around.

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Post by Captain Terror » 15 August 09 7:43 pm

Map Monkey wrote:The worst situation i come across in the bush is the spiderweb in the face :shock: (especially if you the tallest person in the group :cry: ) though there never seems to any spider attached to my face :?
Being 6'5", i feel your pain here.

As for the deadly critters...pfff. Wouldn't worry about it. My biggest injury problem while caching is falling off the geo-bike. Remember as humans we are the top of the food chain. Most animals run from us (except for magpies in the Spring)

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