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Travel Bug From US To AUS

Posted: 29 October 16 12:14 am
by jodalry

I recently picked up a travel bug in a cache here in Michigan, US. After I got home I checked its profile. Its goal is to make it to Australia. Now, this little guy has been all over the world, but unfortunately, not yet Australia. Now, I am not planning on any trips to Australia any time soon, and shipping it there would be more than I want to spend.

My question is, are there any Aussy Cachers out there that are coming to the US any time soon? I could pass it off to you here, and you could bring it back with you.

Please, if you feel like you could help, let me know.



Re: Travel Bug From US To AUS

Posted: 29 October 16 8:48 pm
by Clatmandu
Wow, I haven't been on this site in ages, and come on to see what's up before my trip in April and see this post. I'll probably be in GR Thanksgiving time, maybe we could meet for an exchange. Send me an email through GC. BTW, you should REALLY think about a trip at Easter for the Mega in Alice.