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Re: We're baaaaack. TAS, VIC

Posted: 21 October 15 6:46 pm
by CraigRat
Will you be bringing waffles?

Love me some Belgian Waffles :lol:

(probably best you don't..... Border security and all that.....)

Re: We're baaaaack. TAS, VIC

Posted: 21 October 15 7:51 pm
by on4bam
CraigRat wrote:Will you be bringing waffles?
Yes, of course. Unfortunately, flying for 22 hours and hating airline food, there won't be any left. :mrgreen:
CraigRat wrote:(probably best you don't..... Border security and all that.....)
Yup.. Islands like to keep things out. I guess Oz found out the hard way when rabbits and camels were introduced.

I remember driving off the ferry in Iceland (2001) when there was an outbreak of mad cow disease and all cars had to drive through disinfectant, and people had to walk through the stuff. Better safe than sorry.

Re: We're baaaaack. TAS, VIC

Posted: 21 October 15 7:58 pm
by on4bam
Taz wrote:Given the ships have recently had a major revamp I would suggest that one is possibly gone, perhaps a chance to put another in it's place? :P
OK.. Guess it's gone.

We'll take a quick look but we'll probably try to "sleep off" jetlag on the ship as it's the best place to do so. Nothing to see in the dark away from the coast. Maybe I'll try to see Aurora Australis if solar activity is high enough (K=>5) and the sky is clear.

Re: We're baaaaack. TAS, VIC

Posted: 23 November 15 11:50 pm
by on4bam
OK, back home :cry:

We had a great time in Tas and Vic with very little rain and better than expected temperatures. Saw about all the wildlife we had on the list except very little parrots (maybe they are nesting), only one platypus from too far away, no dropbears, just one (tiger)snake from 50m away.

We found 48 gc caches (+1DNF) + 2 GCA caches (+1 DNF). It could have been more but several times we just didn't stop while passing a cache, other times it was poor preparation. We missed a few old caches because I forgot to check if there were any along our route for that day. ](*,) We found 3 caches on Mt. Wellington and overlooked the old virtual while almost parked on top of it ](*,)
Most of the Earthcaches were great and at locations we had to see anyway.

100 founds in Australia (52 in 2001).
2 new states, VIC and TAS
Found 2 oldest caches in TAS (North Tassie and South Tasmania 1)
Found Tassie Bellybutton (geographical center of Tasmania)
Found Otways Hard one (hidden April 2001) that wasn't found in 11.5 months.
Found my first Aussie WherIgo (if not for the rain, we had done another one)

Found two Biggles Bear virtuals (one I had worked very long/hard on) but couldn't log because the were archived and locked a month before our holiday. :cry: :evil:

Time to start thinking about our next trip (and looking at SA, ACT, revisiting NSW, QLD)...