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Author:  pjmpjm [ 28 November 13 10:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Free Wi-Fi in the Blue Mountains

Gram&Gramps wrote:
We'll be at the Menzies Hotel in Sydney, near Circular Quay, Dec 7 - 13. Apparently they charge quite a bit for Wifi access, and do not have online access wired into the rooms (or perhaps do, but for additional fees). We are used to having Wifi all over the place. Anybody have any knowledge of places near the Menzies that have free Wifi? Cafes? Libraries? Thanks a lot. We begin our journey in about 24 hours. After a week in Perth we'll head to Sydney. Looking forward to meeting some of you in person at the 11.12.13 event. And those we do not get to greet in person, thank you for your presence in these forums. We feel like we already know quite a bit about Australia. The personal advice and suggestions and insights is always so much better than reading canned tourist websites. cYa, Jim & Chris & Becky

Jim & Chris & Becky . . . It would be a shame if you have to pay for wi-fi in Australia. Glad to see that you've received some tips already. Here in Leura, try the 'Bakehouse on Wentworth' on Leura Mall (the main street in town) and you can enjoy free wi-fi there. The same operation has outlets in Glenbrook, Springwood and Blackhealth . . . right across the Blue Mountains. (There are only two McDonalds up here, though . . . one down in Blaxland and the other way out in Lithgow.)

Author:  Gram&Gramps [ 29 November 13 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

We're on the way!!! Waiting for our next flight, Dallas,Texas to Brisbane. 16 hours in the air! Then jump on another plane to Perth. We will be in Sydney in another week. cYa, Jim et al

Author:  Gram&Gramps [ 17 December 13 1:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

We had a great 2 weeks in AU. Much of our good time was due to connections we had made with cachers. Thanks for your downunder hospitality, both online and in person. Even the Oz muggles were welcoming! And if any of you find you'll be in the north central United States, get in touch. We also enjoyed the weather. Right now, at 8:00 am Monday, it is 0* F outside with several inches of snow on the ground (and in our driveway, I'm heading out to remove it shortly... brrrrrr!).

cYa, Jim & Chris

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