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We're coming!
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Author:  Gram&Gramps [ 18 September 13 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  We're coming!

Our daughter will be at the university in Perth for a 2-month work assignment. Being good parents, we need to come for a visit to make sure all is well with her. We'll leave north-central USA in late November, spend a week in Perth, then a week in Sydney. We'll want to see the sights in both places, doing typical tourist stuff, but will also want to grab some caches.

We'd love to hook up with some locals!

cYa, Grandma & Grandpa from central Wisconsin, USA

Author:  Richary [ 18 September 13 11:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

Depending on your timing there is 1 event planned for early December already in Sydney. Wednesday 11 December early evening over at Manly, an easy ferry ride from the city if that is where you are staying.

Otherwise let us know where you will be, and the dates and I am sure someone can plan a get together.

As for cache recommendations, there are lots around. Depends if you like bushwalking style caches with scenery but maybe not as high numbers, or particular challenges. I am sure we can come up with some suggestions. If you have a car then it opens up more areas but lots of good caching areas are accessible by public transport. The Bondi-Coogee walk we did as an event last weekend had some great scenery and about 10 caches along the way, with bus transport available to both ends from the city. It's about 6km (with lots of steps involved). It would certainly be different from Wisconsin!

Author:  Gram&Gramps [ 25 September 13 10:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

We are scheduled to arrive in Sydney (from Perth) on Sat., Dec 7. It is very possible that we could attend an event on Wed. evening the 11th. Will this be registered on That's where we typically get our caching info and event details, altho we are trolling on here and a W.A. Facebook group more as our trip gets closer.

cYa, Grandma & Grandpa & Beckster

Author:  Richary [ 25 September 13 9:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

That event on the 11th is up as GC4NC6B, but we are also planning a weekend event at a similar time just trying to work out where to hold it. Not sure if it will be Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th as yet, it probably won't be the following weekend as that would clash with a mega planning event near Canberra on the 14th.

Unluckily I probably won't make the event on the 11th as I live a bit away from there, and to get home from work and pick up my partner from work if she has a late finish would make it hard to get back to Manly in time.

Author:  Gram&Gramps [ 26 September 13 1:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

I looked up event # GC4NC6B, and it shows a date of Nov 12, although it also says it's on Wednesday (which is Nov 13...). Either way, we'll still be in America. If there is something going on in Sydney Dec 8 we would love to attend. Dec 7 might be tight, depending on when we get in from Perth, get settled in a hotel, etc.

cYa, Grandma & Grandpa & Beckster

Author:  Richary [ 26 September 13 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

Aha, the date format has fooled you! Here in Australia we go dd-mm-yy so 11/12/13 is 11 December 2013. As the cache listing says on closer inspection 8)

11-12-13 Cachers’ Christmas Meet & Greet
An event cache by zargfinders
Event Date: 11/Dec/2013

Author:  Gram&Gramps [ 26 September 13 11:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

OK, that clears up what appeared to be conflicting info. Thanks for the clarification. We've posted a "Will Attend" log on the event page.

This is probably just the first of many Oz cultural and lingo changes that we'll need to learn!

cYa, Grandpa

Author:  Just a cacher [ 27 September 13 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

It's a whole new language. If in doubt, ask. We don't mind. :-)

Author:  Gram&Gramps [ 04 October 13 11:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

Our daughter Beckster is in Perth for about 24 hours now, has moved into her efficiency apartment, and drove for the first time. Everything is the opposite of what we are used to in the USA - left side of the road, steering wheel on the right side of the car, wipers and turn signals reversed, roundabouts go backwards, etc. Much concentration required! She was dismayed to find that Netflix did not work, but has already found a work-around. Any specific additional technical advice would be appreciated - she's still working on downloading or streaming American network TV feeds...

Many new experiences already, and it's only been one day! She'll be a seasoned Aussie veteran by the time we come over in late Nov, she'll probably greet Chris as Mummy, what will she call me?

cYa, Chris & Jim

Author:  Bundyrumandcoke [ 06 October 13 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

If its yank news she is interested in, then it comes free to air on some of the secondary TV stations. She needs to check channels like 7 Mate, or GO, and out of prime time (early mornings) for what is essentially (due to the time difference) yesterdays news.

And, as was stated in The Worlds Fastest Indian, the driver is always in the centre of the road.

Author:  andiamo [ 10 October 13 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

Spoke to my son-in-law in Perth - he installed an Apple TV box for his TV to run through and gets both Netflix and Hulu. Supposedly only takes about 20mins or so to set up.

Author:  andiamo [ 10 October 13 10:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

As for date format, doesn't everywhere in the world use the same except for the USA?

Author:  Gram&Gramps [ 15 October 13 1:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

Hello, again - Our Yank daughter has been in Perth for a few days now and is discovering some more glitches we need advice on. She got the TV thing mostly conquered, thanks for the suggestions that helped. Now... (1) Her Garmin Nuvi she brought from the States has only US maps and does not help. Not even sure if it even connects or not. She has a rental car and wants to go exploring, but has gotten used to following her Nuvi a lot. She does not want to burn tons of data time on her iPhone using Google maps. Suggestions? (2) She's wanting to look for some caches prior to us coming over. We will, too! Caching suggestions for her with her iPhone? We know what works in the USA, but not downunder. (3) Is our Garmin Legend GPSr going to work with no issues or modifications when we come over in late November? Thanks a lot. Lots to think about and consider before we make the big trip!

Author:  Bundyrumandcoke [ 15 October 13 7:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

Simply download the Geocaching app.

As long as you are premium members, you can do an ordinary PQ, and away you go. I was recently in Perth, using a Garmin Nuvi 500, Garmin GPS 60 CSx, as well as my smartphone. The Nuvi has Australian maps, but the 60 has no maps. And the geocaching app loads with its own maps.

After having a bit of a think about what you have said, I am up for an edit, and a bit of extra info.

Her Nuvi should connect, it will probably take a fair bit of time to connect, seeing as she has travelled so far from the USA, so its basically a cold start. It might take 15 minutes or so.

Also, make sure she and you have windscreen mounts for your phones if you are using them. One of the stupid laws over here is your not allowed to use a mobile phone while driving, and the term "use" is almost entirely up to the discretion of the police office who pulls you over. In some cases, it can be simply holding or touching the phone might get you done for the offence. And it may also include ANY device. So your GPS, ect, can also be viewed with suspicion. Make sure its the passenger who is operating ANY device, or you are stopped when operating it, and no, that doesn't mean stopped at traffic lights.

As for places to cache, there are heaps in the SW corner. We found about 300 over the 11 days we were over there recently. But if you up for a challenge, we really liked this one, even though we had no hope of making the find. It is a little bit of a trip from Perth. ... d2845aca81

Author:  Gram&Gramps [ 25 October 13 7:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: We're coming!

We have our lodging arrangements made for Perth. We will be able to extend Beckster's stay in the apartment provided by her company for her worktime. The price will be reasonable, the location good, and the accomodations acceptable. Not luxurious, but about all we'll do is sleep there. It will be fine.

We do not have anything lined up for Sydney yet. We will be flying in on Saturday, Dec. 7, and flying back to the USA on Friday the 13th. Our needs are not fancy - clean, 2 beds for 3 adults (a queen preferred + a single or double), our own bath, reasonably priced. No real location preference, we don't really know yet where we want to be... Continental breakfast included would be nice, but not a requirement.

We are looking for suggestions and reccomendations, as well as what to steer clear of. It's hard to tell much from the travel and tourist websites, every place looks terrific! Not comfortable posting that kind of opinion on here? I understand. I have not noticed if private messages may be sent through here, but they can be through Our user name is Gram&Gramps.

Thnks a lot. cYa, Jim & Chris

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