Best Caches in... ???

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Best Caches in... ???

Post by globalgirl » 27 October 12 10:53 am

G'day (hope I got that right - 'tis my first stab at Oz lingo) ;)

Visiting from... well presently living in Vietnam for the past year, but originally from Seattle - you know, the world capital of our fine game of hide 'n seek, yes?

Just 3 weeks to try and make a dent in your huMONgous country! I arrive SYD on 30 Oct., depart 21 Nov. In between...

Can anyone kindly point me to a bookmark list and/or a handful of - the very BEST, caches in the areas of:

Port Macquarie
Byron Bay
Hervey Bay
Uluru (but of course there's only a handful of caches near the Great Pebble anyway)

I'm a 1k+ cacher but am a little rusty 'cuz Vietnam ain't exactly a cache-Eden, plus I left my beloved Garmin Legend in an Eagle Hunter's ger amid the wilds of Mongolia, and only recently opted to replace it with a smartphone + the Geosphere app.

I'll be solo, and on foot, so access to caches will be limited.

Also, in past travels (Taipei and Amsterdam fondly spring to mind) I've been blessed with meeting a handful of local cachers to show me around. If there's anybody from the above areas, do shoot me a note, would love to meet up to grab a few...

Oh, and... yes, yes of COURSE! I'll steer clear of the "drop bears"! ;)

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6500 or more caches found
6500 or more caches found
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Re: Best Caches in... ???

Post by Richary » 27 October 12 11:03 pm

Welcome to Australia for a few days time. I'm only really familiar with Sydney, but the must do ones depends on what sort of caches are your favourites. I've also cached a lot with Geosphere on the iPhones so I don't think that will slow you down too much compared to the dedicated GPS (which I do own as well, but work often takes me out of the area I have caches on it).

If you want scenery you could do worse than take a train up the Blue Mountains for a day and around Katoomba there would be quite a few that have great views and are easily walkable from the railway station.

Of course at Byron Bay you can get the most easterly mainland cache in the country. I have also been to Ayers Rock earlier this year for work, 2 out of the 3 traditionals are within the "town" while one is a bit of a walk/drive towards the airport, but could be done on foot from the accomodation. There are also earthcaches at Ayers Rock and the Olgas.

As for get togethers, let us know some dates and we will see what can be done.

4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
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Re: Best Caches in... ???

Post by Ozibags » 29 October 12 10:38 pm

At Noosa, I suggest GCWBBA and GCC737 - a great walk with ocean vistas through Noosa National Park and possibility of koala bear sightings. Three star terrain for both these caches is about right as there is some rock scrambling involved. Continue on to the point then a walk back along one of the tracks. Alexandra Bay past the point is nice but be aware it is used as a nudist beach.

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