Must do caches

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Must do caches

Post by discombob » 27 October 10 8:37 am

I will be visiting Australia in Nov for 3 weeks, half in Sydney, half in Melbourne.
What do you think are the must do caches?
I like a bit of a hike, some death defying heights, cunning cache contaniers and super views.
Am going to the great ocean road , and probably the blue mountains.

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5500 or more caches found
5500 or more caches found
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Re: Must do caches

Post by Zalgariath » 27 October 10 11:01 am

Ive done most of the Sydney CBD and surrounding cache... here is a bookmark list of the best. Some our out in the suburbs and a lot are Puzzle :D but you will find a mix of easy Trads too!

Zalgariath's Must Do Sydney Caches

Im also available to take cachers out for the day if Im around. For the more bush hiking cache experience hit the Blue Mountains, range from 10 mins to 10 hours plus in spectacular scenery. The Great Ocean Road has awesome views, but the primary series along it is called LGC Photography (Lame Guardrail Caches with a Photographic Theme) which while cute, are definitely there for the lookouts and numbers, not the hides haha. Someone probably has a "Best of Melbourne" bookmark list too. I hope you like nanos if in Melb CBD :P

Also check out here on GCA the "Recommended" Lists for NSW and VIC to find some crackers. Enjoy!
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1350 or more caches found
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Re: Must do caches

Post by Philipp » 27 October 10 11:05 am

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