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Filtering caches for the trip

Posted: 22 January 10 5:03 pm
by geospyder
Normally when we're on a trip we filter out caches that haven't been found in the last thirty days. We find that this keeps us from spending time looking for a cache that might actually be missing. Someone mentioned in another thread that this might be too strict of a filter for Tasmania since some caches go longer between finds. What would you locals recommend? 30 days? 60 days? 90 days?

Re: Filtering caches for the trip

Posted: 22 January 10 11:11 pm
by LazyLeopard
Get away from the busy areas, and you'll find caches which maybe get a dozen visits a year if they're lucky, and you'll miss many of those if you filter on "not found in the last N days". Much better to filter on caches which have "Not Found" notes as a high proportion of their most recent logs (if that's possible).

Re: Filtering caches for the trip

Posted: 23 January 10 8:22 am
by CraigRat
we also have recommendations and cache ratings here for both gc and gca caches, and they are a pretty good way of sorting the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

Also, if you want to broaden your caching horizons, try a gca cache or two, as theres a fair number of them on your proposed routes. It wont help your gc cache count, but theres some great caches listed here (approx 28% of caches in Tassie are listed here exclusively)

Re: Filtering caches for the trip

Posted: 23 January 10 8:51 am
by geospyder
On one of my other postings Caughatwork posted a link so I could download the GCA caches. I'm going to merge them with my regular query for Tasmania. I'll have between 500 to a 1000 caches loaded in my GPS with all their descriptions and logs in my PDA. The idea is that where ever we are I can look at the GPS to see if there are caches close by, then check them out on the PDA. No specific goal other than to grab a couple per day. My wife has a whole list of areas she wants to visit. The two I'm looking forward to seeing are the Freycinet National Park and Tasman National Park areas.