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Team bevro to Sydney/Newcastle Apr '10

Posted: 27 November 09 1:23 pm
by bevro
Part of team bevro will be heading down under for 3 weeks in April 2010. My Mrs & her sister will be doing some visiting and touring and she has promised to nab a couple of caches whilst going on their walkabout with our daughter. I would like to point her towards some fairly simple caches like virtuals and larger TB hotels (her part of the caching team is mainly to look out for muggles and pick berries :wink: while the geopups and I do the dirty work). I am hoping to send her down with some travel bugs and possilbly to bring a few back to roam the frozen prairies of Canada. She is landing in Sydney with the intent of heading north to the Great Barrier Reef before returning back to Sdyney for departure.
Any recommendations will be greatfully considered.
TTFN, bevro

Re: Team bevro to Sydney/Newcastle Apr '10

Posted: 27 November 09 3:28 pm
by Black Bunny
I think I would recommend - STRONGLY - that you get the rest of the team booked on a plane FAST! Apart from the obvious advantages, there's a Mega Event in Wagga in April. :)