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Caching in Darwin (Sept 09)

Posted: 25 July 09 2:03 am
by Water-Rats
We are from the UK but are visiting Darwin for a nice 3 week stay in September. Can't wait. We have mates in Darwin who we visit when we can.
Can anyone advise on any "must do" caches in Darwin? We aim to do a lot of caching :) and whether there are any events or meets in the area between about the 9th & 26th Sept.

We are bringing swag with us and a few TB's to release off to their geo-adventures.
When we came before, we'd not heard of geocaching so we are going to make up for lost time on this visit. Our friends have bought us bicycles to get about on (we have the use of their ute too) as its a whole lot flatter than where we live :)

Any info gratefully accepted. We are counting down the days until travel now.

Re: Caching in Darwin (Sept 09)

Posted: 25 July 09 9:13 pm
by red tag
Hi Water-Rats
I was a visitor in Darwin back in May and had the pleasure of doing a number of the local geocaches, and generally the standard was excellent. There is a core of local cachers such as NTSTROM, gibbo003, Beagle Team, Groboz and others (apologies if I've missed any of you!) who do most of the hides and this makes for enjoyable geocaching. I also the pleasure of gibbo's company for a day. My personal favourites included Duke Street Rainforest GCYB20, the Holmes Jungle Park caches and also the ones out at East Point, but this is probably because I likely a little walk through the bush to find geocaches! The botanical gardens caches are also quite close to town as well. There is a selection of puzzles, clever hides and micros as well if you like those. For that real Darwin historical atmosphere there are caches like Beach Strongpoint GC1AXD6, AA Yesterday GC12580, Tunnel Number Five GC1814Z and The Charles Darwin National Park caches.
Good luck, I know you'll have fun and the local geocachers are most helpful and friendly!! :D

Re: Caching in Darwin (Sept 09)

Posted: 26 July 09 8:54 am
by Guest
Thanks for that.
We are counting the days down now. I've noted the ones you've suggested.
As we are having a 3 week "city break" we do want to do a great deal of caching. We have bicycles and the use of a ute (we are also armed with roller blades, we take our exercise quite seriously)

The friends we are staying with are not cachers but we might try and persuade them to come a-hunting a time or two :)

Re: Caching in Darwin (Sept 09)

Posted: 26 July 09 11:17 am
by gibbo003
Hi Water-Rats

Let us know when you are in Darwin and we will see what we can do about an event or something. You can contact us if you need any help with some of the harder Top End caches as well. Hope to catch up with you sometime gibbo003

Re: Caching in Darwin (Sept 09)

Posted: 26 July 09 5:00 pm
by Beagle Team
Send us a PM and we can make sure you get to visit some caches. We can even provide transport. Some of the Darwin cachers can assist during week days (some have a very relaxed lifestyle, unless Mrs GIBBOO has told him he cant retire) others are limited to weekends. Feel free to contact any of us.

Re: Caching in Darwin (Sept 09)

Posted: 29 July 09 9:00 am
by Guest
Thanks folks.
We are staying with friends in Moil for the 3 weeks with a long weekend planned in Bynoe (don't think that there are any caches there so will have to read, sleep and find some beer).
We are going armed with rollerblades, pads, helmet (we have push-bikes in Moil already) and our trusty GPS. I'll drop a line/PM in 5 1/2 weeks - not that we are counting or anything.

We are looking forward to caching in some nice warm weather and not the steady 14 degrees and 100% humidity we have been experiencing here for the last fortnight. I'm sure one of my dogs has shrunk! Its supposed to be summer! :lol:
Thanks again, your messages have made our day.