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Must do GCs Brisbane, Sydney

Posted: 28 June 09 8:41 pm
by helge_hh
G'day everyone!
As I will be on a business trip to Brisbane and Sydney in about 2 weeks time, I wonder if there is a 'Must do'-list of Caches for Brisbane and Sydney (mainly CBD area)? Used the 'search' button, though, before posting this! :)

I'd gladly welcome any GC proposed or links to Must Do's! Many thanks and best regards from Germany,

Posted: 28 June 09 10:11 pm
by Damo.
There's only one bookmark list I know of with caches around the CBD of Sydney. Worth a look at. ... 682b7e3d3b

Posted: 28 June 09 10:47 pm
by tronador
Highly recommend CBD caches

Shallow Depth by Philma -cache ingenuity

Moments like these by team bloopy- cache sneakiness

Tank Stream by bainsworld- interesting history

Angry Koala Sydney Letterbox by angry koala- one of a very few large caches in the CBD

Plinth by oplismenus- a virtual that gets you out on the harbour and a very interesting historical island.

Re: Must do GCs Brisbane, Sydney

Posted: 14 July 09 6:25 pm
by helge_hh
Anyone up to hunt some caches this upcoming weekend?