gps phones

Discussion about software such as GSAK, OziExplorer etc, as well as all things hardware, GPSrs, laptops, PDAs, paperless caching, cables etc
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gps phones

Post by reidkos » 28 June 07 12:12 am

has anyone found a phone that you can use for geocaching we are looking at a nokia but there seems to be no where to put co ords in or waypoints does anyone know anything about this thanks

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Post by TeamBeanDare » 28 June 07 2:28 am

I use and Imate JASJAM with a bluetooth GPS unit and various navigation software. Works with GPXSONAR, GPSDASH, TOMTOM and a few other lesser knowns.

Works well except that it is not all in one but I find that sometimes a blessing.

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Post by luckdogscrew » 28 June 07 12:35 pm

I use a Nokia N95 when I am away from home. It works pretty well.

I loaded a Tom Tom Poi file from Gsak using a package called POIXpress. You can find it on the net. This works well for getting the landmarks into the system

For using it for GeoCaching I ended up writing my own piece of software that displays the GPS coordinates in the standard DD MM.MMM format as the Nokia software uses DD MM SS. It also navigates you to the nearest landmark or to entered coordinates. (No pretty arrow just a Distance and Turn Left or RIght Bearing ).

This works well enough for me, but I only use it when I am away from the Handheld, If the hand held is around then I use that, as its much easier to use.

I do use the phone for Keeping Cache Notes on, using the ebook output from geocaching.

Luck Dogs Crew

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Post by embi » 29 June 07 12:59 am

I have a N73 and a bluetooth GPS and I have put tomtom onto the phone.

Tomtom is awesome for getting close to a cache but I am looking for something that can help me 'offroad' as tomtom is on road.

I am yet to try a trick with the tomtom yet though it may just work.

Luck Dogs Crew's program sounds interesting.

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Post by RaindancerAU » 29 June 07 12:56 pm

The phone I bought recently - Dopod D810 has a built in GPS receiver - though you will need to use a non-Australian rom on it to get it to work. The official Australian rom with GPS activated and an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 is a few weeks away. I can help with the install of a rom - it's simple and painless.

There is also the Mio A701 - this has a Sirf III built in. In all other areas I feel the D810 has it beat however (D810 uses a Qualcomm chip, still very functional however).

A Windows Mobile based phone (like the two above) opens up your choices for GPS / caching software. There are a couple of others out now and on the horizon, but right now these two are probably the easiest to find in Australia at the moment - for a Windows Mobile based phone wih built in GPS.

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