Mapsend Litev2, and Meridian DAST topo update!

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Mapsend Litev2, and Meridian DAST topo update!

Post by arthurking83 » 17 September 06 11:15 am

Mapsend Lite v2 was incompatible with the Meridian version of DAST topo :x

So I emailed NextDestination, for a fix/update or whatever... and they told me to send back my topo card, for them to fix! :)

It took a couple of tries (for them to fix), but I got it back during the week, and :D :D I can now see my DAST topo (meridian version) using MS Litev2 :lol:

If you are in the same situation, just email NextDest (I emailed Eddy Yap) and he'll let ya know what to do!

prior to this fix, I had to extract the DAST topo files to their individual shp files and use some horribly slow GIS program just to see may lines (with no names!)... etc.....

Hope this helps ya'll


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