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Garmin 76 or 60 - Firmware 4.1

Posted: 27 May 06 12:39 am
by Freddo
Has anyone revised the firmware on their garmin 76 or 60 to version 4.1. It came out in April. Any comments???

Posted: 27 May 06 6:23 am
by Dooghan
Yeah I've upgraded to 4.1 from 4 about 3 weeks ago. I've haven't have any problems yet.


Posted: 27 May 06 9:28 am
by edmil
I upgraded to 4.1 when it was first released and have had no problems with it. I initially thought there was a problem when I was doing a cache in Ballarat as the GPS was sending me all over the place and not getting a fix, but I think this was area related rather than GPS firmware. I haven't had any problem since. I usually install firmware updates as they are released. :D

Posted: 27 May 06 10:28 am
by BaldEd
I installed 4.1. Observed no problems


Posted: 02 June 06 12:05 am
by If
Upgraded to 4.1 in early April and have had no problems. :D