Cachemate for Pocket PC has been released

Discussion about software such as GSAK, OziExplorer etc, as well as all things hardware, GPSrs, laptops, PDAs, paperless caching, cables etc
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Post by Team Piggy » 29 March 06 11:05 pm

Yeah, but at least my link wasn't a dead one ;)

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1000 or more caches found
1000 or more caches found
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Post by edmil » 31 March 06 9:02 am

I've been using PPC cachemate for about 3 weeks now, with a pretty good month of caching, and it is running well. I have an XDAII mini with a 256K SD card. Cachemate is running from the SD card.

In addition to Cachemate I'm using Word and the calculator on the PPC, A small program called button magic (which is free) allows me to switch between the programs quickly enabling me to go completely paperless. Cachemate is currently holding over 1200 entries in the Default database and about 60 in a Found database - mmm have a lot to find.

On the desktop PC i'm using a registered copy of GSAK and Spinner.
I use Spinner as I like the way it formats the Waypoints e.g. Multi's start with an M, virtuals with a V etc. That way a quick glance of the waypoint on either PDA or GPS let's me know what type of cache it is.

Apart from the slowness in loading/updating the database I have no complaints about cachemate. :D

the odlids
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200 or more found
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Post by the odlids » 08 April 06 5:54 pm

A new version of CacheMate for PocketPC has been released. Ver 1.1.0

This version has a number of fixs and improvements (including a command line and URL method for openning records from external programs)

A new CacheMate Plugin for OziExplorer has been released.

The OziExplorer plugin exports waypoints to WPT files. If OziExplorer CE is installed and running, it can also center the map on a location and optionally create an AVL icon there.

Odlid Dave

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