In car Navigation for Lap Top

Discussion about software such as GSAK, OziExplorer etc, as well as all things hardware, GPSrs, laptops, PDAs, paperless caching, cables etc
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Biggles Bear
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In car Navigation for Lap Top

Post by Biggles Bear » 20 October 03 6:54 pm

Is there any software out there that will let your GPS/Laptop combination perform the same function as a dedicated in car SatNav system, i.e. audible directions?

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It's the journey.
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Post by riblit » 20 October 03 7:06 pm

Yes, There is a voice module for OziCE. I think there is something for oziexplorer as well.<br>

have a look at <a href="" target="_blank">gps information</a> as a start

Gunn Parker
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Post by Gunn Parker » 20 October 03 8:07 pm

Oziexplorer installed on the laptop connected to your gps and use the moving map function, works very very well, if you have street level maps you can watch on the screen where you are going.

Team Geo-Nads
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Post by Team Geo-Nads » 20 October 03 9:02 pm

There is an add on for Ozi that gives voice signals its call travel mate I think

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Post by Ebenezer » 21 October 03 9:05 am

Ozi can't figure out the route for you though. i.e. It can't figure out the best way to get from A to B, but if you tell it a route (either by drawing it on a map in Ozi or by uploading it from a file or GPSr) it can navigate you through it.

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Post by gunnell&pandaabear » 03 December 03 9:23 pm

Check out they have now got the laptop routing software and it has voice command.....

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Post by GeoKiwi » 07 November 04 12:18 am

If you have any of the Garmin software that allows for auto routing eg City Nav ver 4 or 5, a gps, laptop and cabling then you can d/l this programme from Garmin website called nRoute. This will emulate all the functions of the Street Pilot 3 GPS except for the touchscreen.

I have been using this programme for a while now and it is fantastic ... 0-00321-00

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Post by marin » 04 December 04 10:19 am

Destinator 3 does this, but has a price tag to match. I am still to test it out, as i only just got my laptop and GPS mouse is in the mail off ebay, but all reports that i have read from are good. It does all the voice stuff, as well as rerouting on the fly.

will let you know how it goes.


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