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*ecw and Oziexplorer

Posted: 04 January 06 12:00 pm
by Aushiker

One for those experienced with OziExplorer. I am having trouble importing an ecw format 1:250 000 Raster map which I downloaded from Geoscience Australia.

When I import the ecw file into OziExplorer I get an error message indicating I am attempting to import an Auslig RASTER 250K Release 2 map and that internal Georeferencing is not accurate enough for precise GPS positioning in OziExplorer. Okay I can problably live with that, but would be interested in others comments.

Anyway I press okay and then I get a dialogue indicating one map was successfully imported. However, and this is my problem, I then get a white map background and grid lines. No actual map is appearing. What I would like to happen is to see the actual map.

If I open up the 1: 50000 South West WA maps, these show okay. I can open the ecw map in a ecw viewer okay but not OziExplorer.



Posted: 04 January 06 12:25 pm
by maccamob
Do you have the '.map' file to go with your '.ecw' file? Ozi needs both.

Posted: 04 January 06 1:00 pm
by energizer61
you'll also need the .map file (which should of been created when you imported it) and the .ecw file to be in the same folder & have "exactly" the same name... i think from memory when i imported the geoscience maps the .map file was named something different to the .ecw file, you may have to rename one of them.

hope this helps

Posted: 04 January 06 1:23 pm
by Ebenezer
Do you have the ECW add-on for Ozi? See (scroll down to "ECW Image Loading Support Files") You need to manually install this.

By default the import will probably create a .map file with a similar name to the .ecw file. You shouldn't need to rename anything - the .map file includes the full path to the .ecw file in it. (If you do rename or move the .ecw file you would need to edit the .map file to tell it the new location though.)

Once the ECW file has been imported you would need to open it by opening the .map file in Ozi.

Posted: 04 January 06 9:06 pm
by arthurking83
The later versions of Ozi don't need this ECW extra, I think?

Can't remember which version had it built in, about 3.90 or something??

Best option is to make sure you always have the latest version, as it doesn't cost anything to update!


Posted: 04 January 06 10:29 pm
by Aushiker
Thanks to all the responses. Have now resolved the problem and it is all working.

Much appreciate the help offered. It was valuable.

This thread can be closed if so wished.