The Ultimate Geocaching Toy?

Discussion about software such as GSAK, OziExplorer etc, as well as all things hardware, GPSrs, laptops, PDAs, paperless caching, cables etc
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Team Stargazer
150 or more caches found
150 or more caches found
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The Ultimate Geocaching Toy?

Post by Team Stargazer » 25 August 05 10:13 pm

No ... not ideology's black helicopter, but close! Image

How would you like to have a hand held unit that will ...
  • Show you the way to a cache with maps, GPSr & waypoints
  • Tell you all about that cache
  • Let you take a picture of that cache
  • Allow you to log that cache online (if in range)
and then to top it all off ...
  • Allow you to phone a friend to brag that you were FTF at the cache
... all in one unit??? :shock:

Like the sound of that?!? 8)

HP iPAQ hw6515

HP 5 minute video presentation

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2500 or more caches found
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Post by Cached » 25 August 05 10:22 pm

That, is very cool. And all for $1200 - not unreasonable considered.

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300 or more found
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Post by energizer61 » 25 August 05 10:58 pm

Does anyone want to buy a used Navman PIN? :)

Nah, within 6 months that will be out of date too

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It's the journey.
It's the journey.
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Re: The Ultimate Geocaching Toy?

Post by riblit » 25 August 05 11:25 pm

Team Stargazer wrote: ideology's black helicopter
<img src="">

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100 or more tracks walked
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Post by Where's_Wally » 29 August 05 2:23 pm

Wow Riblit! Is that YOUR new Cachemobile?

You really take FTF seriously, don't you?

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