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Posted: 04 February 05 1:36 pm
by Blaze_au
I have a dconnex bluetooth gps that i picked up on ebay out of Singapore for $150au (I had to bid in euros to get around the reserve the guy had, which was about $220au)

I have found over 130 caches with it so I don't think accuracy is a problem with it.

I use a XDAII with OziCE and a mix of Melway, 1:25,000 maps.

There are a few pics of it in action in the logs here. ... ID=5221766

While these models are not the same they are similar in size and items in the package ... 38524&rd=1 ... 14016&rd=1

Posted: 04 February 05 2:41 pm
by The Garner Family
I use the Haicomm (303?) with Bluetooth Slipper (401?). The actual GPS is a CF card, so if the battery on the Bluetooth transmitter ever runs out (lasts about 7 hours, so not *really* an issue), you can unplug it from the bluetooth adaptor and plug it straight into your pda (provided you've got a cf slot).

The haicomm are available from Johnny Appleseed GPS, but can be gotten cheaper off of ebay from time to time.

Posted: 04 February 05 5:53 pm
by alpha993
Also a user of Haicom GPS, folding CF card & bluetooth slipper:

<P>Bought the CF card on e-bay and the BT slipper from Johnny Appleseed GPS.

<P>Very happy with solution, which offers flexibility of use for my circumstances.

<P>Successfully using with oziExplorerCE and Vito Nvigator II.