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How to change username and password

Posted: 02 November 19 5:08 pm
by TBU1Bikesu
I registered here couple of years ago with bikesu. I am a member of where my nickname is TBU1Bikesu. I want to use that nickname as of now, but can't find out how.

2nd question: I forgot the old password, got a temporary one. How can I change that one into a new password?

Thanks for help.

Cheers Susan

Re: How to change username and password

Posted: 04 November 19 8:09 am
by caughtatwork
To align your geocaching names use this self-service function. Make sure you have the correct case set.

If you also want to update your forum name to match, please let us know in this thread and we'll get a faeries onto it. That's not a self-service function at the moment.

You can change your password via the User Control Panel which you can find by clicking on your name at the top right of the forum.