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Geocube - iOS app with native GCA support - version 2.5

Posted: 07 August 18 8:51 am
by MavEtJu
Version 2.5 of #geocube has been released and is available from the AppStore:

Be able to show all the pins in the native Maps or application for easier navigating.
Be able to edit some metadata of the waypoint like name, code, difficulty/terrain rating, coordinates and being a physical waypoint.
Add support for Thunderforest maps.
Add support for more Apple Maps types.
Add support for Google Maps based OSM, Esri and Thunderforest maps.
Add support for Geocaching Australia "Augmented Reality" caches.

Fixed the name of the KeyboardCoordinateDegreesMinutesDecimalSeconds.
Properly decode the decimal seconds part of the east/west part of the entered degrees minutes decimal seconds coordinate.
The close button can be hidden on the waypoint description, hint and personal note views by pressing the screen a long time.
The OpenCage geolocation will not crash anymore when no results are returned.