Geocube - iOS app with native GCA support - version 2.1

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Geocube - iOS app with native GCA support - version 2.1

Post by MavEtJu » 01 April 18 9:03 am

Available in the appstore now!


* You will be able to pick your prefered coordinate type for displaying and for editing.
* Added OpenLocationCode, UTM, MGRS for display.
* Created new keyboards for various coordinate inputs.
* You are able to define the number of decimals in decimal degrees, decimal minutes and decimal seconds.
* For users not interested in Trackables, Locationless or Moveables, the menus for these features can now be disabled.
* Add a menu item for Moveables.


* Making a photo on iOS 11 works again.
* When Google Maps is used as initial map, the scale view could be too large for the screen.
* The table cells with a switch now properly adjust to the sides.

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