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Geocube - iOS app with native GCA support - version 1.9

Posted: 23 February 18 2:23 pm
by MavEtJu
Geocube version 1.9 has been released, available in an app store near you!


* Add support for Mapbox 3.6.4.
* Be able to configure the colour for the waypoint boundary circles.
* Google Maps updated to 2.5.0.
* Developer -> Remote API, add retrieveQuery.
* Redid implementation of the InfoViewer (for downloading and imported).
* Added "scan for waypoint" into the waypoint description.
* In the waypoints filter, added the option to filter by pin.
* In the waypoints filter, added the option to filter type image.
* When having unselected the GNSSr button on the map, you can hold it to recenter your location without having to go back into GNSSr mode.
* Support for Navigon external map application.


* Fix the way the File Browser is dealt with with regards to element height determination.
* Reduced white-space on map icon for the GNSS.
* When "Remove Target" was picked from the map it didn't always remove the line towards it.
* No longer crashes when enabling a KML file or when deleting a KML file.
* Removed Twitter option from iOS 11.
* Developer -> Remote API, properly note loadWaypointsByCode
* Fix crash on import of Corrected Coordinates in LiveAPI.
* The global menu and the local menu sometimes showed up with a white background, this is now resolved.
* The Lists menu now start with "Found" instead of "Highlighted".