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Geocube - iOS app with native GCA support - version 1.5

Posted: 15 September 17 11:18 pm
by MavEtJu
Available for your favourite iOS device: Version 1.5

=== Features ===

* Search option in the Waypoints list, trackables and Locationless lists.
* When tapping on a place on the map, it will draw a line and show the distance. Google Maps only.
* Accuracy of the location services can be set to static (navigating / non-navigating) or dynamic (near, midrange, far).
* Add a private account for importing of waypoints unrelated to listing services.
* Show speed on the compass.
* Keep Tracks can be disabled, but still can be done in memory.
* Be able to show KML files.

=== Fixes ===

* If the locale doesn't use the metric system, then default to non-metric distances.
* Fixed background colour of Keep Track -> Beeper.
* Fix initial display of coordinates while editing waypoints.
* Keep Track "remember location" didn't work anymore.
* Subtitled tableview cells now properly adjust their height.