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Geocube - iOS app with native GCA support - version 1.4

Posted: 01 September 17 10:04 am
by MavEtJu
Available for your favourite iOS device: Version 1.4

GCA related changed:
Support for locationless caches:
- See them, plan them.
- See the locations of logs of a map on a log so you can see if it is already logged.
Support for gadget caches (of course!)

- Waypoint filters can filter on account.
- Add support for locationless caches: You can see them and tag them for planning.
- Logs with coordinates can now be mapped. This is most likely only for moveables and locationless caches.
- GCA: Logs now can contain coordinates.
- When downloading configuration only the changed parts are downloaded instead of everything.
- Auto-populate locaties (suburb, town, city) based on Geodata of the OpenCage Data project.
- Add Gadget cache type.
- At startup after an upgrade, you will get a headsup that the configuration needs to be reloaded.
- At startup it will check for updates in the configuration.
- Localization to the Dutch language.
- Automatic creation of backups of the database.
- Be able to strip the HTML code from the description.
- Add beeper to be able to find out where the phone was left.
- Be able to extra EXIF GNSS data from images into a waypoint.

- Made the UI for a waypoint more sane with regards to "what is disabled and what is not".
- Checkers for input of coordinates don't complain about trailing 's anymore.
- Fix waypoint info vertical position after having submitted the logs of a waypoint.
- Not all logtypes were recognized on GCA.
- Removed some duplicate/obsolete fields from the database tables.
- GPS -> GNNS.
- Fixed the sometimes disappearance of the Local Menu button.
- Refresh of trackables won't show doubles anymore.
- Moved several developer tabs to the Developer menu.
- Refresh waypoints on the map will not hang forever anymore if there are more than 1 records to be returned via the LiveAPI.
- When the interface was landscape before the map was loaded, the waypoint infoviewer wouldn't resize properly when the interface was set back to portrait. That is now fixed.
- When opening a non-downloaded image, download it.
- Waypoints added as the first sub waypoint of a waypoint would not be in an usergroup and removed at the next cleanup. Fixed now.

Re: Geocube - iOS app with native GCA support - version 1.4

Posted: 06 September 17 2:32 pm
by ikkibrady
Out of curiosity will there be an android version of geocube?

Re: Geocube - iOS app with native GCA support - version 1.4

Posted: 06 September 17 9:49 pm
by MavEtJu
No, mostly because I have absolutely no experience with Android. Sorry.