Loading Trig Points into Garmin 650

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6500 or more caches found
6500 or more caches found
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Re: Loading Trig Points into Garmin 650

Post by BaldEd » 08 September 17 8:20 pm

Whilst I have no need to load TPs what I do with loading non-geocache locations into my Garmins (78s, Montana 650t) which use file systems similar to the Oregon 650, is that I load them from GSAK into the gps as Custom POI. They will appear listed in the gps's "Where To" options as "Extras" and appear displayed on the gps screen map.

For example, I load camping sites into a "Camping Sites" database that I have created in GSAK. In my computer I created a POI LOAD folder and into that folder using GSAK's 'Export GPX/LOC file' facility I export the entire Camping Sites database into a gpx file called "Campsites.gpx". Into the same POI LOAD folder I load a bmp image file called "Campsites.bmp". (The bmp file is a small drawing of a motorhome, which is what will show on the gps map at every campsite location). To get the campsite data from the POI LOAD folder into the gps's I use Garmin's POI LOADER programme to send the POI LOAD folder to the gps. Note: It is important that the gpx and bmp files have identical 'first' names.

For creating the bmp file I used Microsoft's Paint programme (found in Windows Accessories). The image is best created so that it is 16 x 16 pixels - any larger and it will take up too much of the gps screen's real estate. Use Paints grid guide to assist you with your drawing - you can magnify Paints pallet out to 800% by using the slider at bottom right of the screen. This will make it easier to see and edit your drawing. Once you have created your drawing, fill in all unused grid portions with Magenta colour (#FF00FF). The Magenta colour will appear transparent on the Garmin screen and thus allow any map detail underneath the Magenta to show through. Once you are happy with editing your drawing, reduce the magnification back to 100% and save your bmp file in the POI LOAD folder.

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