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Garmin 600T - Unable to load geocaches

Posted: 22 May 17 12:44 pm
by Tuena
I recently purchased the above & until today had no problems loading geocaches via GSAK. When I plugged it in to the USB port I'd immediately get a Garmin symbol & could then load the caches. What I didn't get was a simple power connection that would allow me to view geocaches & more importantly, waypoints. However that is the only option I get now. I've plugged it into all three USB ports.

My now defunct Magellan gave me two options when I connected it to the USB port - Power only or computer connection.

Is there a similar function for the 600T? I'd like the option to view waypoints or load caches.

I've read the manual, searched the Groundspeak forum but can't find a solution.

The device has software version 4.80

Re: Garmin 600T - Unable to load geocaches

Posted: 22 May 17 1:40 pm
by caughtatwork
I get the same thing every now and then and I have no idea how to solve it. I find if I uninstall the drivers for the device, plug it back in, let it reinstall the drivers it works. Or sometimes, just stopping the device and then removing and plugging it back in. Or other times I just leave it and it solves itself. Or sometimes I pull all other USB devices out and then it works. It's a crap shoot for me and I have nothing consistent to resolve it.

Re: Garmin 600T - Unable to load geocaches

Posted: 22 May 17 1:56 pm
by Tuena
Thanks for the reply - I think I'll go for the "I just leave it and it solves itself" option. It will no longer connect to the USB power source now & I couldn't turn it off so removed the batteries, reinstalled & it turned on OK but no advance on loading the caches, viewing the waypoints.

I really miss my Magellan 710 - I broke the USB connection when I forgot to remove the cable before getting out of the car & ripped it out, braking the USB connection. They don't make handhelds any more. Perhaps I should use my phone. Ha ha.

Re: Garmin 600T - Unable to load geocaches

Posted: 22 May 17 6:55 pm
by Chwiliwr
I haven't had to do it with W10 yet but all the previous versions I have used of windows did have this problem at times. It was nearly always with the GPS but occasionally it occurred with my USB backup drive as well.

Windows sometimes holds the corrupted USB connections information even after reinstalling the drivers so I've found that uninstalling the device, clearing the relevant USB registry entries and then reinstalling generally works better than just reinstalling the drivers alone.

Re: Garmin 600T - Unable to load geocaches

Posted: 22 May 17 9:59 pm
by Tuena
I did some research & found mention of the USB registry. I can download a program - Clean Windows Registry of USB Devices - which cleans everything not plugged in. I'd leave the Printer connected as I'd be in trouble if I lost it. Cameras should be OK. Nuvi not so sure.

Would this Clean Windows program be a good idea?

As to the uninstall, do I uninstall these three programs:- Garmin Communicator Plugin, Garmin Communicator Plugin x64 & Garmin Express?

Thanks to you both for your advice.

Re: Garmin 600T - Unable to load geocaches

Posted: 23 May 17 11:58 am
by Tuena
Had another go this morning. Initially using the USB connection on the LHS which connected the device to the power supply only. Then swapped over to the RHS & showed connected but GSAK wouldn't load caches saying device was not connected. Fiddled around with the setup on GSAK sending caches to other types of Oregons, generic types which didn't work, then back to Oregon 550 (no 600 on list). Sent again & it worked.

My wife owns a W10 laptop so might load GSAK on it & see if that avoids these problems. If I could load all of NSW & QLD caches & waymarks (14000) in one go which according to what I've read on the GS forum the unit is capable of I could have confidence when travelling. As it is now it will be hit or miss.

Another thing to come out of this is I looked at the GSAK macro/Garmin POI loader for Nuvi & will attempt to get that setup today. Last used when PilotSnipes developed it.