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In-vehicle tablet solution

Posted: 04 April 16 10:09 pm
by Tardis
I'm looking for some advice. For some years now (even way before caching) I've run an ASUS Windows Mobile PDA on the dashboard of our 4WD. This unit incorprates a GPSr chip & runs OziExplorer CE to give a moving map display in whatever detail I have maps for. In fact, before that I had a Compaq PDA with a CoPilot sleeve doing the same (& before _that_ it was hooked up to my aged Magellan Gold). Went through all sorts of outback-y dusty environments just fine, including a Simpson Desert crossing.

However - it's time to upgrade this gizmo to the 21st century. Whilst it does still work, the screen is rather small (read tiny) for these aging eyes. Besides which, our primary cachemobile is now a Fiat based motorhome with a lot more "real estate" up front & even a "windows powered" USB connection in the huge 'tween seats bucket. Primary requirements are to continue running a version of OziExplorer (for which I have multiple WPT files for caches, camping spots etc & endless maps in Ozi format). Plus (as a bonus) also be running a "live" GPS powered version of GSAK on the side. Remaining functions of device are more or less irrelevent. So I'm thinking two options:

1. A tablet / "2-in-1" running Windows 10 (ASUS T100TAF & Acer Aspire are two I've spotted) which may or may not have GPS functionality built it. If not though there is the Garmin GLO (bluetooth) or perhaps a cabled USB "mouse" GPS. Being Windows, Ozi & GSAK of course plug right in, though there would be a need for an SSD HD drive which have limited storage space (I have lots of maps).

2. Switch to an Android tablet which could run the Android version of Ozi plus GDAK, although I don't think latter would give me a GPS-powered live update on the road. Being a late-comer (barely a comer at all) to Android stuff, this is a grey area for me. I get conflicting stories from shop "techs" whether there are even real GPS chips in say the Samsung range (rather than phone tower rubbish). Would I be able to transfer maps / WPT's etc off laptop & be readable? Storage space probably even less than above?

Any advice / recommendations from folks who have travelled this route most welcome. My primary aim here is to increase screen size to say 8 or 10 inch min. & replace the 10+ year still working PDA option before it dies a natural, but it would need to handle power via USB port or lighter socket, plus have a certain degree of ruggedness to handle vibrations & dust. Secure mounting would be the next hurdle. I could almost store a full size laptop in the opened dash bin, but of course that would introduce all sorts of power issues, HD reliability, zero screen interaction etc. Thoughts?

I should point out that we do (of course, we're nerdy cachers) also have running as a matter of course in either our motorhome or 4WD in addition to the above: 1x his handheld Garmin ETrex battery dietician, 1x hers handheld Magellan Explorist battery guts, 2x TomTom talky toasters (individualised to vehicle). We are certainly belt & braces folk, but it's the OziExplorer display that usually tells us where to go & when to stop. I now can't live without my Ozi on the road!