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Garmin Montana Track Error (solutions wanted).
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Author:  ian-and-penny [ 16 April 15 6:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Garmin Montana Track Error (solutions wanted).

For some unexplained reason, recently every time I turn on my Montana it creates a track log line back to the previous place it was turned on (which could be hundreds of km away), yet the rest of the track log is accurate right up to where it was turned off.

It DOES NOT draw a line between its last known position and where it gains lock, as it is supposed to!! Instead it draws a straight line from the FIRST known position in the track log (from the PREVIOUS TIME it was turned on) to the point where it now gains lock.

I have done a factory reset and upgraded the firmware but nothing has helped. I have also contacted Garmin support via email, with no reply.

Any thoughts on how to fix this bizarre problem will be gratefully received.

Author:  Freddo [ 17 April 15 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Garmin Montana Track Error (solutions wanted).

Garmin track history:
Once upon a time sections of Garmin track would separate at the end of each set of track use. Each portion of track was an individual piece of track with no straight line connection. Your track map would show where you had been. Who remembers this format?

Firmware upgrade some time in about 2011 or 2012:
The first point of your new section of track is joined by a straight line to the last point of the last section of track when you switched the GPSr off. Each section of track is connected by a straight line from final point to next initial point. Your track map shows where you had been with straight lines between each live section. This is the same on my Montana 650, Oregon 550 and Dakota 20 devices.

2015: Ian and Penny reports that each section of track is connected by a straight line from initial point to initial point.

I suspect someone in code writing at Garmin is trying to get things back to the original format with no straight line. And has failed dismally.

This is why I do not load firmware upgrades until they have been live for enough time for the bugs to spotted and reported. Standby for a firmware reset or version x.xx+1

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