Navigation issues

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Navigation issues

Post by Auto42 » 28 July 12 9:35 pm

Hey guys,
Just recently got into this and Im having trouble with the Iphone app.
I can find whereabouts on the map I am but when I switch to the compass it tells me im 100m away or 75m away etc in the opposite direction!!

I've started opening the navigation using google maps instead. But it has no compass to point me to where it is.

Any ideas why the compass is playing up? It makes it 10x harder to find. Also does it even if I wait for ages in the one spot.

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Re: Navigation issues

Post by rinsemesocks » 28 July 12 11:30 pm

What version of iphone do you have?

The compass on any smartphone in my experience doesn't work well at all. You also have to wait a few minutes for it to settle down.

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