Android Geocaching Apps

Discussion about software such as GSAK, OziExplorer etc, as well as all things hardware, GPSrs, laptops, PDAs, paperless caching, cables etc
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850 or more found!!!
850 or more found!!!
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Re: Android Geocaching Apps

Post by CraigRat » 04 April 13 8:21 am

fluffyfish wrote:Transtioning from iOS to Android.

With my app, I can pull up nearby caches when on the go (I'm a basic member). That's handy as I'm not much of a cacher so don't need premium member benefits.

Can CacheSense or another app replicate that 'online' / 'on the go' aspect? Basically I don't want to pay $10 just for the app when I can get better apps for half the price.
You can load caches in to cache sense for offline use either live or thru PQs

You can also import GPX files from GCA as the author has made it work with our format, you just have to get those gpx's on to your device somehow (either downloading via your phones browser or via something like Airdroid). You cannot log GCA caches live thru Cachesense though, so I recommend mtrax's GA cacher for all things GCA.

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850 or more found!!!
850 or more found!!!
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Re: Android Geocaching Apps

Post by fluffyfish » 06 April 13 12:07 pm

Seems as a basic member, I can get a loc file instead of a PQ. Will try the cachesence demo and see how I go. Thanks.

For GCA, GA Cacher apps rocks. Thanks mtrax.

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Re: Android Geocaching Apps

Post by Browngang » 26 May 13 1:35 pm

bshwckr wrote:Just found an interesting Android app that could be used as an additional tool for geocaching. Its called Cloudnotion. ... loudnotion
How'd you go with the cache bshwckr? Seems like it's outside the requirements of about not being able/required to download anything to help find a cache.

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1 or more caches found
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Re: Android Geocaching Apps

Post by ajcass » 29 May 13 3:27 am

Hi all.
I have not been doing this for long but I am using c:geo, GA Cacher (which I don't like), Maverick Pro, GPS Status and for when I really want to know where I am, Handy GPS.
I have a Bauhn tablet and smartphone both from Aldi. I do my logging on the tablet using a Bluetooth keyboard also as my fingers don't fit on the phone's keyboard :P
To find a cache I use the compass on the tablet to get to the general area then the Radar on the phone to locate the cache. Using this method so far all of my finds, which is not a lot at the moment have been within 2 metres apart from 1.
Also I don't use maps as they tend to confuse the issue at times.

Cheers All

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Re: Android Geocaching Apps

Post by mtrax » 23 May 19 7:29 am

New version of GA catcher now supports codeword question and answer caches, ie history caches

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