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Tom Tom Go 720

Posted: 10 May 10 10:03 pm
by tronador
I have a tom tom car GPS and I've noticed it's starting to lose some of its functions. There is a setting that allows you to choose the type of car you want as the arrow, this is now greyed out and I can't access it. The start up sounds don't play and ever since I updated to Tom Tom home version 2 from the original v1, I am no longer able to operate my Go from the computer or do back ups. It tells me the device can't perform this function but it did this perfectly ok before.
I contacted support and they told me to remove a particular file on the computer but this was not there and it still didn't fix the problem. Then they said they didn't have a solution if this didn't work. :shock: I tried uninstalling home v2 and going back to the original, but it still won't let me operate the Go from the computer. ](*,)
Before I reset my device to the factory default, which is a pain, cause I'm going to lose all my settings, does any one have any other suggestions. :-k [-o<