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Oregon Broken Screen

Posted: 04 August 09 1:37 pm
by Fairly Magic
Yes it is a sad story, but has a happy ending.

I pulled my Oregon out to go caching and tradgedy, the screen was smashed. Looked like an impact, suffice to say, I hadn't dropped it, so I can only conclude it was MIB or Faeries At The Bottom Of My Garden (and if I was clever I could hyper link to the caches concerned).

A phone call to Garmin who asked me to return the unit.

Next day a phone call, under their repair/replace warranty I could have a brand new unit - for a mere $262.90.

And by Friday it was here.

So as a warning, be careful, I still don't know who dropped my Oregon or when it happened, but if the worst does happen, all is not lost.

Regards Quilter