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Caches Found: 190 [closed]

Posted: 19 January 05 12:30 pm
by Cached

I am trying to get my .au stats to match those on the website, however it is out by exactly 2.

I have physically checked the found list against the list and they are identical, including webcam and events.

I have attended two events - is the "Caches Found" not including events?

I can't explain the difference any other way... I'd really like my numbers to be the same in both places...

Posted: 19 January 05 1:34 pm
by Dingbats
Dingbats figures are two less on GCA too. However, I haven't logged any event caches. I've hosted an event cache and my hide count is correct. I have only logged finds for two mystery caches though?

Posted: 19 January 05 2:29 pm
by Cached
I've got three mysteries - so I don't think that's it.

I wonder if the 'adding up' algorithm is playing up.

I don't have any double finds either.

Posted: 19 January 05 4:12 pm
by Lt. Sniper
I think you goto your profile and click to import logs and it will fix it up for you.

EDIT: and then "Import Logs"

Posted: 19 January 05 4:16 pm
by Cached
Done all that in the past.

The problem is that essentially, I can count 192 finds, but the count at the top says 190. They are all in the gca system.

Posted: 19 January 05 4:16 pm
by Dingbats
Lt. Sniper wrote:I think you goto your profile and click to import logs and it will fix it up for you.

EDIT: and them "Import Logs"
Cached said that they had checked all of their logs on both sites and they were identical. I would think that (re)importing wouldn't help.<p>

I haven't done an extensive cross check on ours, nor will I . :shock:

Posted: 19 January 05 5:14 pm
by caughtatwork
Webcam and locationless (reverse) caches don't count towards your total. ... ght=webcam

Initially Virtuals didn't either, but that got howled down.

Posted: 19 January 05 5:22 pm
by Cached
They don't count on leaderboard stats pages, but they do appear to on the cacher page.

I have more than two locationless/webcam finds logged - so the problem is not there...

Posted: 19 January 05 5:27 pm
by caughtatwork
Well if webcams count then I am out by exactly ... two.
Sound like a familiar number?

I have 325. GCA says 318.
5 locationless from my GC total (325) = 320.

From the thread I linked to then I was of the belief that the 2 difference were the webcams.

Maybe I should go find another webcam and see what happens :D

Posted: 19 January 05 6:02 pm
by Cached
Are your locationless and webcams showing up in the list of logs on GCA?

Mine are. And I have only done one webcam.

Posted: 19 January 05 7:07 pm
by caughtatwork
Well I cocked up. I logged some caches today that aren't yet showing up on GCA yet so my initial number are wrong.

I have 325 caches.
3 logged today so GCA would only know about 322.

I have 322 logs at GCA.
My number at GCA shows 320.

This leaves me (the magical) 2 out like some others.

Posted: 25 January 05 9:41 am
by ideology
cached, yes, we're only counting "Found it" as opposed to "Attended"
we used to rule out locationless caches but for the sake of simplicity but now we're including them
we can count attendances if people want to

Posted: 25 January 05 10:19 am
by Cached
I'd like them counted - I'd like my numbers on both sites to match.

Posted: 25 January 05 9:15 pm
by ideology
fair enough. we've changed the counts to include event and webcam caches. that added 2