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time to update finds

Posted: 01 August 21 6:24 pm
by Team-Ruphace
We have been members of geocaching Australia for a while but haven't used it for a while either and we have found a problem.

how long is it meant to take for geocaching Australia site to update finds from site?

Yesterday we found 22 caches over the course of the day however geocaching Australia has only found 1 cache total

please can someone assist with this.

Re: time to update finds

Posted: 02 August 21 11:43 am
by caughtatwork
Feeds are based on the goodwill of other geoachers. There is no set timeframe. If you would like your finds to appear sooner, then use a Pocket Query from GC which contains your finds (please don't send through any corrected co-ordinates) and you can import them.