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Locationless search bar

Post by ikkibrady » 10 August 20 12:09 pm

with the explosion of locationless caches at the moment. i was wondering if it was possible to add a quick search bar on the locationless page??
i know you can already go via the search via name in the search pages but i thought it would be really handy to have something on the actual page that allowed to quickly search via name that just returned locationless results without having to click through a few other pages. purely because so many are being published even new ones get pushed down the list so quickly it can be a challenge to quickly find the one you were looking for.
thanks for the consideration

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Re: Locationless search bar

Post by caughtatwork » 10 August 20 1:11 pm

Not on the locationless page itself. The List Pages do not have a search capability.

The Find Page https://geocaching.com.au/find/geocache is where you can use a name or other criteria to search. I have added a specific find box for locationless geocaches.

Search for a Geocache
Locationless Name

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