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Queries by "Sort by Closest to"

Posted: 20 May 20 10:52 pm
by Richary
I just tried updating a query, to give me caches in an area I will be visiting next week. There is a trig I want to target a bit south of where I will be staying for the start letter, but setting the trigpoint as the centre of the search area didn't work.

I set Sort by Closest to on the query as TP7079 and set a radius then it kept returning too many caches and out of the area. If I set the query to use a GA number like GA12693 it performs as expected.

If the admins need to investigate my query further it is called Woopi, I tried making it public to provide a number but it isn't showing up (maybe it will later).


Re: Queries by "Sort by Closest to"

Posted: 21 May 20 9:31 am
by caughtatwork
This is the query. I have updated the centre point to TP7079. It seems to return an appropriate list for me.

Urunga (Reservoir) TP 0.00 km
Picket TP 8.29 km
Nambucca Water Tower 16.06 km
"Nambucca" Trig Point, Nambucca Heads, NSW Australia 16.44 km
Bonville Peak 17.14 km

When I map it is also positions the map on the TP I selected for the centre point.

Re: Queries by "Sort by Closest to"

Posted: 22 May 20 10:48 pm
by Richary
OK, that's a bit strange. When I ran it the other night I was getting things at all sorts of distances, but now it seems to be working. That's a mystery then. I had tried reducing it to as low as 70km and was still getting >500 results. Computers are so much fun!