Locationless in April 2020

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10000 or more caches found
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Locationless in April 2020

Post by oldfella » 04 April 20 9:45 am

Just to let you know that I have published at least one locationless each day this month (4 as it is only the 4th) and I will be publishing at least another 26, one each day for the rest of the month. When I have completed my latest string of spell a word with either your finds or hides I will be inventive and hope I can make you smile at my choice. These publications are to assist those addicted to Locationless and those who have just joined us to be able to claim GA14553 Ambitious April Corona Virus by Cybrgran V where you have to have a Locationless hide or find for each day of April. that means you will have 30 GA locationless numbers and names on your claim for GA14553.
To give you a head start to look at your statistics. The next word is CORONAVIRUS using GA and GC caches one for hides and one for finds.
Then there will be 4 (four) to spell COVID 19. 2 for hides ( one for GC and one for GA) and 2 for finds ( one for GC and one for GA)

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Re: Locationless in April 2020

Post by Chasburgs » 14 June 20 10:38 pm

Hi can you please explain how to do the locationless caches to me please? I'm still learning different caches and I cannot work these out :) Many thanks

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5000 or more caches found
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Re: Locationless in April 2020

Post by WazzaAndWenches » 18 June 20 7:30 pm

Hi Chasburgs,
Locationless caches give you an option other than getting out looking for physical caches. A locationless cache usually requires you to solve a (jigsaw) puzzle or take a photo or perform some other activity then log it as a find.
You can find a list of locationless caches by doing a search from the geocaching.com.au front page by clocking on the "find a cache, other caches" box then choosing "locationless cache". There are a more than one thousand of them with many hundred being added during the Covid19 lockdown period.

When logging your "find" you may have to add a codeword which is given to you when you solve the puzzle or you may have to add a photo.

For a simple start have a look at some of these for some ideas of locationless caches...

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